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I'm a 28 year old Illustrator from Malta who enjoys thinking and drawing. I started my art journey as a kid doodling on napkins at restaurants with family. I decided to give the napkins a break and moved into the world of commercial creativity and design.


Most of the work here comes from a child-like approach. Cartoons were a big part of my childhood years, not only did they put a smile on my face, but they also inspired possibility and positivity in me. I aim to do the same.




2015, Behance Coin, Best Portfolio, BRND WGN, Naxxar/Malta
2015, Behance Coin, Best Portfolio, PURE, /Malta, Xgħajra/Malta



2017, "Prime8ernal", NYB, Sliema/Malta.
2018, "50 Posters for Malta", San Anton Palace, Attard/Malta.
2018, "Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project Valletta", Saint James Cavalier, Valletta/Malta.
2018, "Trojan Horse was a Unicorn", Valletta/Malta.

2018, "Malta's Got Some Character", Iniala5 Gallery, Valletta/Malta.
2018, "Allura,The Trail", Balluta/Malta
2019, "Bettija'rt - Barrel Art Exhibition", Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta Food Market, Malta/Valletta.
2019, "Negroni 100 Art Competition" St James Cavalier, Valletta/Malta.
2019, "Fashion Week", Fashion week, Valletta/Malta.
2019, "Negroni Week", Pjazza Regina, Valletta/Malta.
2019, "Bettija'rt - Barrel Art Exhibition", Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julians/Malta.
2019, "CellMark's 35th Anniversary", Radisson Malta, St Julians/Malta.
2019, "Popeye's 90th Anniversary Exhibition", Yo Gallery, Beijing/China.
2020, "Malta's Got Character Popup", Eden Cinemas, St Julians/Malta, Mar

2020, "The Beppe Collaboration", Online Exhibition, Apr

2020, "Artna",Online Exhibition, April

2021, "Kliem ix-Xjuh", Online Exhibition, April

2021, "Malta Un Punto De Encuentro" MADRID’S ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN, September


2017, "ICA Malta- Student Success Story" Malta.

2018, "Young Graphic Designer’s New Character Is 50% Malta, 50% Disney, And 100% Awesome" Lovin Malta, Jan, Malta.

2018, "50 Artists Designed Limited Edition Posters All About Malta And The Results Look Awesome", Lovin Malta.

2018, "Nova Malta", Redbull, March, Malta.

2018, Redbull Events, March, Malta

2018, Tv Interview, Meander, NetTv, April, Malta.

2018, Lovin Malta- Malta's Got Character Exhibition, Malta.

2018, The People of Malta, June, Malta.

2018, Times of Malta, June, Malta.

2018, The Malta Arts and Culture Club, June, Malta.

2018, Kultura News/ TVM, June, Malta.

2018, Il-Bizzilla Magazine, Issue 67 Pg 67-69, July, Malta.

2018, NetNews, August, Malta.

2018, Kultura News,TVM, Sep, Malta

2018, Allura the Trail, October, Malta.

2019, Delicata Wine, January, Malta.

2019, Times of Malta Delicta Wine, March, Malta.

2019, - NetTv - Meander - Apr

2020, SideStreet Interview, Jan, Malta.

2020, Lovin Malta, Hiphop Cartoons Article, Jan, Malta.

2020, Maltarti - Video Interview, Feb, Malta.

2020, Maltatogether, Mar, Malta

2020,"In The Spirit of Collaboration"Il-lokal, April, Malta

2020,Times of Malta, Artna (Our Land) campaign – a call to action from Malta’s illustrators, Apr, Malta

2020, Lovin Malta, These Malta Illustrators Are Launching An Online Exhibition Exploring The Destruction Of Our Environment, Aprl, Malta

2020, Lovin Malta, Beppe Reborn: 33 Artists Recreate Maltese Cartoon Character And Open Up As Quarantine Resumes, Apr, Malta

2020, Digital Native, What I have learnt about social media as a freelancer - by Zack Ritchie, May, Malta

2020, Lovin Malta,Quarantine Tales! Renowned Local Artists Join Forces To Create Visual Story Book Of Malta’s COVID-19 Saga, June, Malta

2020, Malta Creative Collective, 4 questions with Jana Frost and Zack Ritchie, July, Malta

2020, Gabriel Caruana Foundation,The Many Faces of the Mill, Oct, Malta

2020, ARTZID, The story behind ‘The Many Faces of the Mill’ by Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Oct, Malta

2021, Times of Malta, Online exhibition pays tribute to elderly in time of pandemic, April, Malta

2021, Lovin Malta, Kliem ix-Xjuħ: Malta’s Illustrators Celebrate The Elderly In Heartening Online Exhibition, April, Malta
2021,ArtzId, Interview with Pitch Live Contest Winner Zack Ritchie, September, Malta


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