Gzira, Malta

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 Hi, I'm Zack 

I'm a 27 year old Illustrator from Malta who enjoys thinking and drawing.

I started my art journey by doodling on napkins at restaurants while waiting for my food. From napkins to studying the arts and crafts I decided to move into graphics and give the computer a shot. 

Cartoons were a big part of my childhood years, not only did they put a smile on my face, but they also inspired possibility and positivity in me.


I am always eager to collaborate with individuals and/or brands who share the same beliefs



Behance coin May - 2015

Behance coin August- 2015


- Campari Art Fashion week - May 2019

- Campari Negroni 100th - April 2019

- Delicata Bettija'rt- April 2019

- Allura, The Trail- October 2018

- Malta's Got Character- June 2018

- 50 Posters for Malta- April 2018

- Prime8ernal - December 2017


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